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IV ESG Congress

IV ESG Congress

Europe - Leaders of Sustainable Development

The event will take place on January 29 2025 in Warsaw in a hybrid form.

IV ESG Congress Europe – Leaders of Sustainable Development, which will take place on January 29, 2024 in Warsaw, is a platform for dialogue for European leaders of the sustainable development – state administration representatives, business, NGOs, scientific communities , experts and the media.

The main theme of the IV ESG Congress Europe will be the civilizational changes taking place in the world and the role of the EU in these historical transformations. Over 30 years ago the Treaty of European Union was signed. That has had the great impact on the policy changes not only in Europe.
The community of European countries, based on the values set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, has marked a new era for our continent, implementing activities for peace and security and sustainable development at a global scale.

Nowadays we are whitnessing the creation of the new European deal to the large extent due to ESG. That is a great change in the way of thinking and activiting, which may redesign the future of Europe and influence the other continents.

The experts gathered at the Congress will raise the following issues:

  • ESG, the Green Deal versus competitiveness of the EU economy – if the social transformation is possible without the economy losses? Is it necessary to analyse the directives and deadlines?
  • Human rights in Europe and worldwide – does the UE trully respects the human rights and recognizes the problems of inhabitants of the third world?
  • Cooperation between business and the third sector – how to cooperate in the name of the sustainable development?
  • Controversial equal rights – how not to fall into the trap of chauvinism and not go to extremes?
  • Zero emission and climate neutrality – how to achieve the assumed goals?
  • How to speak about the sustainable development to be listened to?
  • Migration policy – how to meet the economic and social challenges?


Last 3 Congress editions gathered in total over 12 000 guests, experts and participants and recommendations and conclusions from all the editions reached over 11 mln people. In the media appeared over 2500 publications about the ESG Congress.

Participation in the ESG Congress

The 3rd ESG Congress – Leaders of Sustainable Development – Europe will be held on January 31, 2024 in Warsaw, at the Central House of Technology.

One can take part in III ESG Congress – Europe – Leaders of Sustainable Development –
Europe in two formulas:

  • online – access for everyone,
  • stationary – in the Central House of Technology in Warsaw: for speakers and representatives of the Partners of III ESG Congress.



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When we talk about sustainable development, we think first of all about the energy transition, the fight against climate change, and the green industrial revolution. However, important environmental issues are those related to social responsibility. To meet the needs of society, and improve our quality of life – we must first of all define the problems and then proceed to solve them. When we do this, we may find that the ‘S’ factor also provides the basis for ‘E’ and ‘G’.

We will not put in place solutions to stop climate change if we do not address social issues. How can we talk about reducing food production in Europe, for example, if we have the prospect of hunger in other parts of the world? Other solutions are needed by the populations of developed countries, while representatives of developing countries have other priorities, and yet other priorities are pursued by the poor countries. At the III ESG Congress – Europe – Leaders of Sustainable Development we want to show the S as the heart of the ESG, but immediately explain that the ESG is only right as a whole, as the interaction of all three areas, namely environmental, social, governance. We need to think about sustainability in a broader context.

We want to show that the heart of the ESG beats in the rhythm of “S”. We will invite experts from Europe to discuss the needs and problems of modern societies. We will share experiences and compare solutions, tools, and trends and discuss a common and better future for future generations.

Conference announcing the 3rd ESG Congress and the ESG CODE awards

The agenda of III ESG Congress – Europe – Leaders of Sustainable Development will be presented on October 2 during the conference of the ESG Institute, in which:

  • we will present the agenda of III ESG Congress – Europe – Leaders of Sustainable Development;
  • we will organize an expert debate on “Are we ready for the ESG?” – we will check whether entrepreneurs are ready to report on sustainable development actions and how the public and non-governmental sectors can help Polish companies implement the CSRD and what is the state of awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • We will be presenting the ESG CODE awards for the first time.


The press team of the ESG Congress is at the disposal of media representatives. Feel free to contact us, also regarding obtaining journalistic accreditation.