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II ESG Congress

II ESG Congress

January 25, 2023

The guiding theme of II ESG Congress was the transformation of sustainable development, which was forced by the war on our eastern border. The war in Ukraine has become a kind of test case for the ESG strategy and the declaration of corporate social responsibility. A process of 'value revaluation', a new look at the ESG strategies, and an assessment of plans and declarations must be carried out in the European Union.

During the Congress, we continued and deepened the discussion started during the first edition on how to redefine strategies and standards of the ESG. We discussed, among other things, the impact of the war in Ukraine on the implementation of industrial transformation strategies and actions aimed at stopping the process of environmental degradation, the problems related to the supply chain, hunger, and migration, social justice, equal treatment in the workplace, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, the impact of consumers on the policy of companies.

An important theme that we devoted to the inaugural session of the Congress was the role of women in the modern world in the light of the ESG strategy, and we discussed this topic during the session entitled “Women Power in the Men’s World”.

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